Siofok water tower

Siofok water tower

The emblematic symbol of Siofok was beautifully renovated for its 100th anniversary in 2012. The previously robust-looking water tower received new functionality getting a modern and more attractive exterior. Visitors can enjoy a two-story observation deck with a scenic view of the surrounding area while enjoying a cup of coffee. The tower has panoramic elevators taking you to the highest level. No worries no steps involved if you dislike climbing.

The history of the Siofok water tower in years

1912 – the Siofok water tower is built and handed over.
1914 – due to the world war there is a water restriction
1929-1935 – conversion of the plumbing system, the city receives its water from Lake Balaton.
1944 – During the Second World War, an tank damages the water tower.
1946 – Siofok manages the operation of the water tower again and water runs again.
1973 – a water reservoir of 5000 m3 is ready in Balatonkiliti, and the original function of the water tower becomes unnecessary
1980 – since 1980 it has operated as a tourist attraction and symbol of Siofok as well as home to a Tourist Information office.
2010-2012 – the main square was rebuilt, the water tower is reborn
2013 – Centennial celebrations of the 100-year-old Siofok water tower

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The Siofok water tower adventure center

Today you can experience the latest technology while enjoying a stunning view of the city from the tower. Sitting in a comfortable chair you can admire the 360˚ view while rotating around. Meanwhile, you can experience a fantastic world with your fingers moving on the touch screen in front of you.  45 meters high above the city you can admire the striking views. The experience is guaranteed.

Take a virtual 3D tour of the city center along with the Siofok water tower at this website

Images of the Siofok water tower

Siofok water tower before 2012
Siofok water tower before 2012
Siofok water tower in 2014
Siofok water tower in 2014