Siofok tourist attractions

Siofok and Siofok tourist attractions

Siofok advent market and Christmas lights
Siofok advent market and Christmas lights

Our hotel can be found in one of the most popular cities at Lake Balaton. As it is sometimes called the summer capital of the lake due to its population and length of shoreline with 15 km. The city’s shore is divided into two parts: silver shore and the golden shore.

Siofok is popular for its  shallow water as it warms up very quickly during summer and the beaches along the southern Balaton are especially recommended for families with small children.

In the summer there are many Siofok tourist attractions to visit and many attractions to enjoy:

Siofok tourist attractions and nearby sights

  • Galerius thermal spa Siofok (temporary closed)
  • Zamárdi adventure park
  • Nature Conservation  Area of Töreki with lakes
  • Millenium Park and Railway station
  • Jókai park with two playgrounds for children: Jókai park is the most notable and biggest park in Siófok. The 4,6-acre-park was rebuilt in 2006.  In the park you can find nice flowers, a small pond and at the corner the small Japanese garden gives the romantic English garden with a bit of a far east spirit.
  • Jókai villa: The villa was build in 1897. Mór Jókai, the famous hungarian writer spent his last summer in this house.
  • Krudy villa
  • Thanhoffer villa – freshly renovated: The impressive-looking Thanhoffer historic villa can be found in one of  the most popular Siofok tourist attractions: the Petofi promenade of. The edifice is also known as Villa Horthy as Regent Miklós Horthy used it once as his headquarters. However, the original name of the building is named after Dr. Louis Thanhoffer, professor of medicine as he built the villa in 1897.
  • Siofok Harbour and rose garden
  • Petőfi promenade with bars, discos and restaurants
  • Plázs with live concert directly at the beach
  • Roman Catholic Church in the town center
  • Makovecz church in Oulu Park
  • Siofok water tower with its scenic views and rotating bar
  • new city center with Sió plaza / mall with cinema, shops, restaurants, café and confectionaries
  • Balaton round bike route with its 210 km

Activities with kids

  • Bella animal park and peting zoo
  • upside down house
  • Zamári adventure park
  • circus in Zamárdi
  • Gokart course in Siófok
  • playground at Jókai park
  • mini train ride around the city
  • Pirate ship from the harbour
  • paddle boat rental
  • water ski course in Szabadi
  • observation desk at the Water tower with rotating floor
  • cinema at the city center

Top tourist attractions: Siofok Festivals and Events

  • Zamárdi Balaton Sound Festival in June or July
  • Season opening festival during pentecost weekend
  • New Orleans Jazz Festival in July
  • Festival of Wine and Bread in August
  • Fish Festival in October
  • Advent festival and Christmas lights

Siofok tourist attractions in pictures:

Siofok tourist attractions: fish festival
Siofok tourist attractions: fish festival

Check out some Siofok tourist attractions with this walk through panorama