Marathons and running around Lake Balaton

Running is not only for exercise and staying in shape it is great for competitions and meeting new people. It is a way to push yourself and see if you have the endurance that it takes to make it in a large competition. There are several marathons that will be happening soon in the area, and you need to ask yourself if you want to be a competitor or observer.

With the Ultrabalaton ultra marathon that runs around Lake Balaton, you have three events to choose from.

1. Balaton marathon

2.Wink marathon

3. Ultrabalaton marathon

The first is the full Balaton marathon and the second is the Wink Marathon and the third is the Ultra Balaton marathon. This event takes place late in the year and is preceded by the Wink Marathon which takes place in May. All three are great marathon events that include full and half marathon races. All of the races pass by the Siofok Hotel Lido located in the great city of Siofok. It is a great tradition that can be observed right from the hotel giving you the best seats to cheer on family and friends. Do not hesitate to book a room at one of this event!

Marathon around Lake Balaton

Marathon around Lake Balaton

If you wish to compete you can always pick up a marathon training schedule at the hotel so that you can enter into one or all of the events and be in shape for the events. All three marathons are around the lake giving a nice peaceful setting for both observers and runners in the competitions. Which will you be?