“Hotel of the Year 2013” sweepstake

The popular accommodation website “szallas.hu” decided to have “the hotel of the year 2013” chosen in which our hotel also participates. The website draws worthy prizes among those who participate in the voting.

Here are the prizes:

The star prize:
200000 FT (650 EUR) worth dream holiday in any of the accommodation listed on szallas.hu

200 000 Ft értékű álomutazás


 2 x 1 iPhone5 mobile phones worth 150000 FT ( 500 EUR)

2 x 1 db iPhone5 készülék

20 x 20 000 Ft (80 EUR) worth beauty package from www.szépségbolt.hu

20 db Szépségbolt.hu ajándékcsomag

And finally:

100 × 2000 Ft (8 EUR) worth coupon which can be used when booking any of the accommodation on szallas.hu

You can vote here:

Just press the big orange button in the box below. Then tick the little boy in the new box that comes up and verify yourself with your Facebook account. That is all. You are already in.

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